What is legal deposit of publications?

Submission of a Macedonian legal deposit for the protection, preservation and permission to use is a matter of public interest, regulated by the Law on Legal Deposit (Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia no. 11/94, 92/08). The legal deposit is protected, stored and used in accordance with the regulations for special protection of items of special cultural and historical significance.

What is CIP?

CIP (Cataloguing in publication) is an acronym for catalogue description of publications. It is internationally recognized standardized bibliographic description produced for a publication before its issuing. The preparation of the CIP-record is mutual obligation to publishers in RM and the Library (Law on Culture, Official Gazette no. 31/1998, Art. 48, 49 and no. 49/2003). According to the law, NUL “St. Kliment Ohridski” – Skopje has the exclusive right to prepare CIP-records.

What is ISBN

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number and it is international identification system for each separate book (monograph publication) with the help of numbers.

What is ISSN?

The ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) is an eight-digit number which identifies periodical publications as such, including electronic serials.

What is ISMN

ISMN (International Standard Music Number) is an international standard music number that is used to identify noted music publications (a part, a score, or an element in a multimedia kit).

Who assigns ISМN in the Republic of Macedonia

The ISМN Agency of the Republic of Macedonia under the National and University Library “St. Kliment Ohridski” – Skopje.

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