Oriental manuscripts

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Oriental Manuscripts


The collection gathers, stores, processes and makes available for use oriental library materials.

Library Holdings

The collection of Oriental manuscripts and rare publications contains 3743 signature manuscripts (2586 Arabic, 1050 Ottoman-Turkish and 107 Persian), approximately 6,000 printed books in the three languages and 9 incomplete serials in Ottoman-Turkish.

Materials are distributed in the following groups:

  • MSA & OMCA – Arabic manuscripts
  • MST & OMCT – Ottoman-Turkish manuscripts
  • MSP & MCП – Persian manuscripts
  • О - printed books of Oriental Languages
  • ОП – Serial publication of Ottoman-Turkish language
Particularly important material
  • al-Mukhtaśar fī al-fiqh from  Abū Ja‘far Aỏmad ibn Muỏammad ibn Salāmah al-Ţaỏāwī, from the area of Sharia law, the oldest manuscript collection ( Senhar, 1195);
  • Three manuscripts from the library of Isa Beg from 15centery: 12 volume from the comment of the Quran Mafātīỏ al-ghayb or al-Tafsīr al-kabīr from Fakhr al-Dīn Muỏammad ibn ‘Umar al-Rāzī (15th century); glossary of the work from the field of the sources of the Sheria law Ỏāshiyat al-Abharī ‘alā Sharỏ Mukhtaśar al-Muntahā lil-Ījī from Sayf al-Dīn Aỏmad al-Abharī (1421); comment of the work in science achievement in the field of reading the Quran Kanz al-ma‘ānī fī sharỏ Ỏirz al-amāni wa-wajh al-tahānī from Burhān al-Dīn Ibrāhīm ibn ‘Umar al-Ja‘barī (1386);
  • Quran of Florina (1859).
  • Inventory of Arabic and Persian manuscripts and serial publication;
  • Printed catalogue of the Turkish manuscripts (Aydemir, Yaşar; Hayber, Abdülkadir. MAKEDONYA KÜTÜPHANELERI TÜRKÇE YAZMA ESERLER KATALOĞU. Ankara: TIKA, 2007);
  • Copyright catalogue and catalogue by titles for one part of the printed books.

The library holdings can be used exclusively in the reading room of the collection in the presence of the librarian in charge.
Photocopying is not allowed.

Working hours:

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 9: 00-15: 00 break from 11:00 to 12:00 pm

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