Fine arts collection

Nikola Martnovski drawing - pencil on paper

Fine Arts Collection

In the Collection, the monographic publications are processed and the non-book materials are collected, processed, put in catalogues and stored. Catalogues by authors (according to Cyrillic and Latin alphabet) and technical (according to UDK) are created. Internet search of the works (by title and author) is enabled to the broader public since 1998. The Collection holdings include monographic publications (albums), graphics and drawings.

32 000 monographic publications (albums, catalogues, encyclopaedias etc.) cover all the areas of the fine arts.

From the seventies of the 20th century, the Fine Arts collection of the Library started organizing the traditional exhibitions of the Association of Macedonian graphic painters. Awarding purchasing prizes on the exhibition, through donations from the authors and through other purchases of the works, The Collection created holdings of about 490 graphic art and 270 paintings.

The paintings and graphic art holdings are composed mainly of works from Macedonian artists from the sixties to the beginning of the 21st century. Starting from the founders of the modern fine art - older works such as those by Nikola Martinovski, through Risto Kalchevski, Petar Hadji Boshkov, Petar Mazev, Dragutin Avramovski – Gute, Vangel Naumovski, Vasil Vasilev, Ana Temkova, Gligor Chemerski, Rvski, Rodoljub Anastasov, Tanas Lulovski, Ilija Kochovski, Dragan Poposki – Dada, Aneta Svetieva, Ilija Penushliski, Dushan Perchinkov, Simon Shemov, Dimitar Malidanov, to the youngest generation – Slavcho Sokolovski, Tome Adjievski, Atanas Aranasoski, Oliver Musovikj and Slavica Janeshlieva, in the Collection are represented, in the field of painting and graphics, eminent authors from the Macedonian fine arts. The Collection has of exhibits from a wide range - from realism, impressionism, expressionism, abstract art to postmodern works, presenting an exceptional documentary insight of Macedonian fine arts history, from paintings and graphic art aspect. As such, the Collection is one of the richest and most complete collections in Macedonia.

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