University Reading Room

University Reading Room

In the University Reading Room the users can independently and at their own choice use academic textbooks, proceedings of meetings, manuals, publications of the Universities and of other scientific institutions in the Republic of Macedonia, general and specialized encyclopedias, lexicons, dictionaries (interpretive, bilingual, multilingual and terminological), atlases, almanacs, guidebooks etc.; monographs, latest issues of serial publications and secondary/tertiary publications in the field of librarianship and information science; selection of daily, weekly and monthly press of Macedonian production, etc.

The Library materials which are stored in the University Reading Room shall be used only in the reading room.

In order to use the services, the user must register with the librarian in charge.

In the reading room, the users have workplaces for their own laptops.

Working hours:

Monday to Saturday
7:30 - 19:30

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