What is ISSN?

The ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) is an eight-digit number which identifies periodical publications as such, including electronic serials.

What is a “serial publication”?

A publication, in any medium, issued in successive parts, usually having numerical or chronological designations and intended to be continued with no predetermined end.

When should an ISSN be changed?
  • New title (when you first register the serial publication)
  • Changed title
What conditions the change of ISSN?

Basically the ISSN system is "acting in the pair" or unity of two elements key title and ISSN. The change of the first is a requirement to change the second element.

When ISSN does not change?
  • Change of publisher
  • Change of place of publication
  • Change of frequency
  • Change of editorial policy
ISSN of different media

Each separate edition on a different medium (paper, online, floppy disk, CD-ROM, microform...) should have its own ISSN, even if the title is identical.


Macedonian Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (print) ISSN 1857-5552

Macedonian Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (on-line) ISSN 1857- 5625

Where and how should the ISSN be printed?

1. On a printed serial:

  • On the upper right-hand corner of the cover always preceded by the letters ISSN
  • Masthead area
  • The copyright page, or in the publishing statement where information about the publisher, frequency, and other publication facts are given

2. On a non-print serial:

  • On an internal source, such as on a title screen or home page
  • On external sources such as microfiche headers, cassette or disc labels, or other containers
What is ISSN register?

Each ISSN assigned to a serial publication is registered in an International Database, the ISSN Register.

It is the most comprehensive and authoritative source for the identification of serial publications world-wide.

What is the structure of ISSN records?

1. The unique authority elements (ISSN - key title - abbreviated key title)

2. Supplementary information (frequency of publication, language, other forms of the title, place of publication, publisher...)

3. Links which may associate it to other serial publications (former title(s), other language editions, other media editions...)

What is the availability of the ISSN register?

The ISSN Register, published by the ISSN International Center in Paris, is available on:

  • The web: the ISSN Portal
  • The Raw Data file
What is ISSN network?

The ISSN Network is made up of National Centers whose work is coordinated by the ISSN International Centre situated in Paris.

What is the function of the national ISSN center?
  • It forms its own local database of serial publications in their country
  • It discovers and controls all the serial publications in their country trough the legal deposit
  • It assigns ISSN and performs processing and control over the serial publications
  • Submits information about them to the international ISSN Center and the others national centers at their request
  • Contacts with the publishers on a local level in order promoting and development of the ISSN system
  • It is responsible for successful and continuous operation of the ISSN system in their country in the framework of the ISSN network
What are the specific tasks of the ISSN international centre?
  • It is responsible for controlling the activities of the ISSN National Centers
  • It maintains and edits the ISSN register and takes care of the publishing products
  • It assigns ISSN for international serial publications
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