CIP - Cataloging in Publication

What is CIP?

CIP (Cataloguing in publication) is an acronym for catalogue description of publications. It is internationally recognized standardized bibliographic description produced for a publication before its issuing. The preparation of the CIP-record is mutual obligation to publishers in RM and the Library (Law on Culture, Official Gazette no. 31/1998, Art. 48, 49 and no. 49/2003). According to the law, NUL “St. Kliment Ohridski” – Skopje has the exclusive right to prepare CIP-records.

The CIP is used for:
  • content and formal presentation of the Macedonian book to users that do not know the Macedonian language - affirmation of national publishing production,
  • universal information access, simultaneous to their publication,
  • accelerating the information flow through shortening the time of their creation,
  • standardization of bibliographic description,
  • realization of bibliographic control,
  • helping libraries without adequate staff in professional processing of publications and maintaining catalogs
Publications for which CIP is prepared
  • books
  • symposium
  • music scores
  • sound carriers (CDs, DVDs, audiotapes, recorder, magnetic and other tapes etc.)
  • multimedia material (CDs, DVDs, etc.)
  • atlases, maps, physical plans
Publications for which CIP is not to be prepared
  • roto-novels, picture-books without text
  • internal and texts in preparation
  • (thesis, beforehand, drafts, proposals)
  • ephemeras (address books, directories, reports)
  • advertising publications, prospectuses
  • artistic and other programs
  • pricelists, tariffs
  • operating and maintenance instructions
  • posters, brochures, invitations
  • patents, standards
  • wall and similar calendars
  • serial publications
Preparation of a CIP-record

To prepare a CIP-record for a publication, the publisher is obliged to submit a complete and revised printing sample for each new release with the following data:

  • name and surname of the author and the collaborators (for translation: full name of the translator)
  • title (for translation: to note the source language, title in the source language with date on the original publication)
  • ordinal number of the publication and its features (format, pagination, articles, illustrations, tables, etc.)
  • name, headquarters and address of the publisher and the printing house
  • publication and printing year
  • circulation
  • ISBN (International Standard Book Number)

In case of any change after the completion of the CIP-record, and before printing, the publisher shall inform the Library for those changes.

For the preparation of the CIP-record (one or more), the publisher is obliged to pay compensation in the amount of 300.00 MKD according to the Pricelist of services of "Sv. Kliment Ohridski "- Skopje. It is charged prior to the preparation of the record, directly to the bookkeeping service of the Library or via PP50 form, on the Treasury Account of "Sv. Kliment Ohridski ", which should be submitted as evidence for the payment.

Уплатница за CIP

Necessary time for preparation

Standard time for preparation of the CIP-record is one day from submission of the publication.
Submission of publications is done every day from 8-13.
he retrieve of the publications with prepared CIP-record is the following day, after 13.
For publishers outside of Skopje, the CIP-record is prepared the same day.
The deadline for preparation/retrieve of the record is 7 days after the submission of the publication.

CIP-record printing

The CIP-record is to be printed in the publication, in unaltered, standardized, separate, graphic visible place (without translation, changing a letter, redesign, adding, cut etc.).

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