St. Clement’s Young University

St. Clement’s Young University

Handmade paper process

The National and University Library “St. Kliment Ohridski” – Skopje, wanting to contribute to the preservation and fostering of the genuine cultural values of the Macedonian people, in the framework of its activity, raised an initiative of the so-called St. Clement’s Young University. This so-called University should be an appropriate extension of the St. Clement's University, which in the second half of the IX and early X century, despite the ecclesiastical and literary, rewriting and translating work, also developed common education that produced a plead of 3500 students who have spread the Slavic literacy, art, and culture in all Orthodox countries.

The activities are realized through theoretical and practical work within the workshops.

Registration for participation in the first three workshops is in progress:

Familiarization with the CELLULOSE medium (handmade paper) which includes:

  • Information on the history, technology and the importance of paper in terms of civilization,
  • Demonstration of European and Oriental techniques of designing two-dimensional surface,
  • Use of scrap paper as a raw material for handmade paper,
  • Making paper with Macedonian cellulosic raw materials,
  • Making decorative papers
  • Introduction to the historical development of different types of writing pads;
  • Formation and use of paper for graphic works;
  • Formation and use of paper for carving (wood carving and linocut);
  • Formation and use of paper for conservation purposes;
  • Formation of decorative paper for items with practical application (folders, bags, printed texts, envelopes, etc.);
  • Making reliefs and three-dimensional items (unique books, lanterns, etc.) out of handmade paper without chemicals and additives;
  • Making of design solutions for exhibitions, for posters, bulletin information, plaques, diplomas, New Year and Christmas cards, letters of gratitude, certificates for gratitude, decorative interior solutions etc. from handmade paper without chemicals and additives.

The activities in the framework of these workshops will be conducted in cooperation with the association MEDCEL.

  • The emergence and spread of the first Macedonian and common Slavic literacy
  • The literary center of Ohrid
  • Centers where are preserved manuscripts in Glagolitic text: Western Europe, Ukraine, Croatia, Macedonia (Ohrid, Sveta Gora, etc.)
  • Introducing the Glagolitic as an alphabetic system
  • Introducing the Glagolitic as an digit system
  • Introducing the Glagolitic as an symbol system
  • Shortened training in reading and writing

The lecturer of this workshop will be Mr. Milos Lindro.

The workshop curriculum will be adapted according to the needs of all interested parties (students, employed, unemployees, retired, diplomatic representatives, etc.).

All interested candidates can register their participation in the workshops by filling in the appropriate form.

All additional information can be obtained with the person in charge:
Zorica Jakovleska Spirovska
phone: +389 02 3 115 177 ext. 161
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