Training for Librarians

Training for Librarians

One of the important activities of the Library is continuous professional education and training of librarians from the Republic of Macedonia. By organizing and maintaining more different courses, librarians acquire the necessary specialized knowledge in the field of library work, as well as the necessary skills to actively participate in the national library information system COBISS.MK.

Basic courses for library working

For knowledge acquisition of technical, formal and content processing of library material in accordance with the internationally accepted standards for processing, preservation and protection, as well as the ways in which information can be searched and found in domestic and foreign publicly available electronic catalogs and databases, the Department of librarianship development and library headquarters organizes the following basic courses for library working:

  • Technical processing of library material (2 days)
  • Cataloging monographs (5 days)
  • Cataloging serial publications (5 days)
  • Cataloging non-book material (ISBD standards (PM) and ISBD (NBM)) (2 days)
  • Cataloging of electronic sources (1 day)
  • Systematization and indexing of library material (5 days)
  • Bibliographic processing of library material (5 days)
  • Information activities in libraries and databases (2 days)

After finishing each course, an exam is to be taken. For a passed exam a certificate is given. Participation for most courses is mutually conditioned. The courses are held twice a year, in the periods Spring and Autumn.

For the basic courses are paid fees in accordance with the Pricelist.

More detailed information about the basic courses for library working can be obtained from the people in charge in the Department of librarianship development and library headquarters.

COBISS Courses

The continuous training of users for the COBISS software is essential for the proper functioning and development of the library-information system COBISS.MK. For this purpose the VBM Centre annually organizes trainings of librarians for usage of the COBISS software, with a choice of courses from the training program of the Institute for Information Science (IZUM) in Maribor, Slovenia.

Courses are run by licensed trainers from the VBM Center and instructors from IZUM, Slovenia. After finishing a separate course, certificates of participation to those participants who attended the course in full, are handed. The certificate is a prerequisite for the participants to be registered in the central register of users that is run by IZUM and to be granted adequate authorization to work in the COBISS system.

The COBISS training program for the current year can downloaded it here. It further specifies the planned courses and the schedule, the method of application (download Application) conditions when a specific COBISS course can be attended, the privileges that are acquired with each course, etc.

For the basic courses are paid fees in accordance with the Pricelist.

More information about the COBISS courses can be obtained from the responsible persons in the VBM center.

Training for shared cataloging

The training of librarians to work in the shared cataloging system COBISS.MK starts with Basic Training Courses for Library Functions organized by the Department of librarianship development and library headquarters at the National Library, where the rules for formal and content processing library materials are thought. Then, the training continues by following the prescribed COBISS courses where librarians are getting familiar with the method and rules for using the COBISS software and the COMARC formats.

1. Using the program support / Cataloging - creating entries

The course is one of the conditions for obtaining a license. In this course, the librarians are introduced with the basic principles of function of the shared cataloging system COBISS, as well as the formats COMARC / B and COMARC / A.

A requirement for participation in the course is knowledge in the field of library material processing which the librarian proves by submitting:

  • a diploma of completed studies in the field of librarianship, or
  • a certificate of successfully passed Basic training courses for library functions which is a term for attending the initial course for COBISS.

Once they have visited the course, the participants receive authorization to create entries in the test environment of shared cataloging and authorization to supplement the limited group of bibliographic data in the local database of their libraries.

2. Obtaining license for shared cataloging

The procedure for obtaining a license for shared cataloging is conducted in accordance with the Regulation on licensing for shared cataloging.

The candidates must first attend the course Using of COBISS2 program support/Cataloguing - tutorial. After attending the course, the candidates will receive a user name for creating entries in test environment of shared cataloging; they are practically enabled for obtaining a license by independently creating 30 bibliographic records in the test environment.

Candidates, who have not passed the courses for systematization and indexing of library material from the Training for library functions, need to pass them during the procedure for obtaining a license for shared cataloging.

Only librarians with higher education can apply for license obtaining procedure for shared cataloging.

After acquiring the license for shared cataloging the librarian receives authorizations to create bibliographic records for monographic publications in the shared database and in the local database of their library.

For obtaining a license for shared cataloging, a fee in accordance with the Pricelist.

The verification of knowledge for shared cataloging is conducted several times a year, in terms specified with the COBISS Training Program.

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