Rare periodicals

Cover page of ilustracija Ilinden from 1928 - fragment

Rare periodicals


Тhе collection Rare Periodicals includes principally newspapers and magazines which follow step-by-step the evolution of Macedonian national thought and represent the media where it was expressed. Parts of the titles are incomplete but they are really interesting and remarkable holdings which are intensively used by numerous users primarily by scientific workers, domestic and foreign. Although most of the titles are in foreign languages and were issued in other countries, the importances of these holdings are unquestionable because they represent authentic material for studying the history of the Macedonian nation (culture, tradition, etc.).

Library Holdings

The collection consists of 218 titles periodical publications from which 196 refer at and treat questions associated with the Macedonian history and culture and the rest are important because of the year of publications and that they are from places from our region. As more important titles the following newspapers stand out: "Revolucija" (1895) published from V.Glavinov, “Loza” (1892-1894), “ Makedonski golos” (1913-1914), "Makedonski vesti” (1935-1936), “Makedonska zemja” (1936) and others.


All titles from the Collection are entered into the COBISS base and in the reading room exists card file with catalog carts with possibility for classical search. There also exists a Central catalog of Rare Periodicals in the Republic of Macedonia.


The collection holding is used exclusively in special reading room in the presence of the responsible person.

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