Collection of music arts

Music manuscript fragment from Gligor Smokvarski

Collection of Music Art


The collection gathers, processes, keeps and lends materials in the area of music and ballet. Prepares CIP – recordings of printed music and publications connected to ballet and music. The Collection participates in the realisation of the activity for protection of the phonogram archives.

Library Holdings

The Collection of musical art owns printed scores and parts, musical manuscripts, monographic publications for music and ballet (over 25 000 units). The publications and scores cover all music genres. Integral part of the holdings are also the audio materials: vinyl records, audio tapes, magnetic tracks, CD-s (over 26 000 units). The holdings also includes audio-visual materials (video tapes and DVD-s), as well as concert posters and programmes.

Valuable music materials

Special place in the Collection take the legate of the composer, conductor and music pedagogue Stefan Gajdov and the legate of the composer Gligor P. Smokvarski. Within the Smokvarski’s legate it is unavoidable to mention the piece that has a great importance for the Macedonian music culture, and that is the composition “Scherzzo” for symphonic orchestra, the first Macedonian piece performed by the Macedonian Philharmonic. Тhe rare materials include the complete holdings of the ensemble of contemporary music “St. Sofia”, as well as the music manuscripts of the Macedonian composers Todor Skalovski, Vladimir Nikolovski, Blagoja Ivanovski, Stojan Stojkov, Jane Kodjabashija and others.

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Materials can be used exclusively in the rooms of the Collection.

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Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 9: 00-15: 00 break from 11:00 to 12:00 pm

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