Archeographic collection

Fragment of Manuscript - Gospel of John

Arheographic Collection


The treasure and the variety of the National and University Library "St. Kliment Ohridski " - Skopje are completed by the library holdings of extraordinary collections notable for its cultural, educational, historical and scientific value. Among them, a prominent place takes the Arheographic collection established in 1974 with the primary goal to discover, collect, study (processes), store and made available for use the rare books and the Slavic manuscripts from Macedonia.

Library holdings

The collection has over 300 and about 3 - 4 thousand monographs of old printed, rare and specific library material.

Particularly important

The oldest and most important manuscripts available in the Arheographic collection:

  1. Fragment of Lenten Triode
  2. Macedonian redaction with yuses from the mid 14th century
  3. Common prayers of Stojko for the feast –days of the entire year
  4. Macedonian redaction without yuses from the late 14th century
  5. Gospels of Bencevo with miniatures
  6. Macedonian redaction withouth yuses from the early 16th century
  7. Gospels of Zrze from the late 16th century
  8. Herminie by Pavel Stoyanovik (icon painter from Galichnik) from 1870
  9. Church singing by Spiro Stoyanov, teacher from the village of Blatec from 1887
  • Basic catalogue of old printed and rare books
  • Central catalogue for old printed and rare books in the Republic of Macedonia
  • Slavic manuscripts in Macedonia ( in 8 volumes)
  • Palaeographic album (in 3volumes)

The holdings can be used exclusively in the reading room of the Archeograpfic collection in the presence of the librarian in charge. Photocopying is not allowed.

Working Hours:

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 9: 00-15: 00 break from 11:00 to 12:00 pm

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