NUL’s e-catalogue

National and University Library E-catalogue

The National and University Library’s online catalogue has been launched in and updated since 1989 with the introduction of the automatic processing of the library and information system COBISS. It is consisted of more than 410.000 entries (January 2013) for all types of library resources in printed and electronic form, such as:

  • Monographic publication: books, cartographic materials, sound and video recordings, printed music etc...
  • Serial publications, magazines, newspapers etc...
  • Articles and other integral parts from magazines and collections.

The online catalogue of the National and University library comprises the largest part of the data in the shared electronic catalogue COBIB.MK.

With the retroactive processing of the library materials from the current flow before 1989, the e-catalogue can offer editions and monographic publications even for the period before 1989.

The detailed data for the serial publication collections, that is to say, which volumes the library possesses for a specific serial publication have been regularly updated in the e-catalogue since 1997.

The search of the online catalogue is performed by web application COBISS/OPAC in three methods:

  • Basic search
  • Optional search
  • Command search

All of the three methods are applicable so you can choose the method based on your foreknowledge when searching catalogues in OPAC. Users with poor or no experience are recommended to use the basic or optional search. The third method is recommendable to advanced users who are familiar with the structure of the files in the e-catalogue and use prefixes and suffixes in the searching process.

On the right side, each of the search methods is supported with brief instructions and explanations using examples that define the process of the search. On the bottom of the page, there are useful links that will guide you to more detailed and specific assistance for the selected search method.

Additional information for the search can be found in the E-catalogue help menu.

If the requested publication cannot be found in the e-catalogue, we encourage you to search in the conventional card catalogues.

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