Macedonica - an informative newsletter is a special segment of the Macedonian national bibliography which contains information on publications issued outside the territory of the Republic of Macedonia. One of the following criteria should be met in the preparation of the newsletter:

  • published papers in Macedonian
  • papers whose content refers to Macedonia from any aspect
  • papers whose authors are Macedonians, and have been published abroad into Macedonian or are translated
  • papers of authors from ethnic communities - citizens of Macedonia, published abroad in the native language or translated

The publication is based on information taken selectively from used sources: on-line databases, on line bookstores, as well as in foreign printed bibliographies and catalogs held by the Library.

The newsletter includes monographic publications and articles and supplements from serial and monographic publications which are formally and professionally processed according to relevant international standards. The bibliographic units are grouped into six parts according to the subject classification, and within each section are sorted alphabetically.

Macedonica - Information newsletter contains the following indexes:

  • Object index
  • Index of authors (Cyrillic and Latin)
  • Index of titles (Cyrillic and Latin)
  • Index of authentic scripts
  • Index of on-line databases

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