Articles and supplements

Articles and supplements

It includes articles and supplements published in serial publications, as well as part of monographs (collections of congresses, symposia, workshops and other professional and scientific meetings, as well as in monographic publications which contain papers from different authors). This series has a selective character, where selection is done on two levels. The first selection is made in the choice of titles of serial publication as authentic scripts and second in the selection of articles and supplements from already selected authentic scripts. The basic criteria for selection are their scientific, professional, popular and artistic value. Only published papers that typify according to these values and criteria are processed in series 2. - Articles and supplements.

The bibliographic units in series 2. - Articles and supplements are thematically and content arranged according to professional groups of UDC, and within the groups - alphabetically. Structured like this, the bibliographic units make up the body of the bibliography.

This series contains the following registers:

  • Index of authors (Cyrillic and Latin)
  • Object index
  • Index of bibliographic sources (serial publication like authentic scripts and monographs as authentic scripts)


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