It is prepared from the Macedonian deposit, both volumes covering the entire year of record production application in the NUL "Sv. Kliment Ohridski ". It includes monographic publications (books) issued by Macedonian publishers which are printed in Macedonia and abroad, doctoral dissertations defended on universities in Macedonia, maps, a music-note entries, as well as electronic publications.

It contains data on the volume and structure of serials issued in the Republic of Macedonia during one calendar year. As part of the current national bibliography, this series is also prepared according to the territorial principle. There, without selection, are included titles of different types of serial publications: newspapers, journals, magazines, annuals, yearbooks, newsletters, almanacs, school newspapers, single jubilee numbers and other.

It includes articles and supplements published in serial publications, as well as part of monographs (collections of congresses, symposia, workshops and other professional and scientific meetings, as well as in monographic publications which contain papers from different authors). This series has a selective character, where selection is done on two levels. The first selection is made in the choice of titles of serial publication as authentic scripts and second in the selection of articles and supplements from already selected authentic scripts. The basic criteria for selection are their scientific, professional, popular and artistic value. Only published papers that typify according to these values and criteria are processed in series 2. - Articles and supplements.

As a separate project independent from the Macedonian Current Bibliography, in the Bibliographic Center from 1991 continuously is being prepared the Bibliography of Monographic Publication issued in the Republic of Macedonia, which are translated from different languages into Macedonian, from Macedonian into any other language, as well as from other into another non-Macedonian language. The project is developed according to strict criteria and is part of a global project of UNESCO "World Bibliography of Translations" (Index translationum). Information for this project is available on

Macedonica - an informative newsletter is a special segment of the Macedonian national bibliography which contains information on publications issued outside the territory of the Republic of Macedonia. One of the following criteria should be met in the preparation of the newsletter:

  • published papers in Macedonian
  • papers whose content refers to Macedonia from any aspect
  • papers whose authors are Macedonians, and have been published abroad into Macedonian or are translated
  • papers of authors from ethnic communities - citizens of Macedonia, published abroad in the native language or translated

The special bibliographies complement the rich bibliographical activity that the Bibliographic Center develops and fosters from its formation to this day. They are prepared with the appropriate conceptual design, specifically for an important person, on the occasion of an anniversary, event, period, area, about a separate topic, etc. Covering the entire researched literature for a certain period of publishing and are issued in one publication that makes research easier. These bibliographies offer numerous references to monographs, codes, articles and supplements, and have a great importance for scientists, doctoral candidates, postgraduates and students who study topics and areas which are taken as a parameter for special bibliography.

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